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Lightweight, foldable pneumatic catapult for Wavesight UAV

Catapult main features:

  • launch run:                          2 mts
  • max. launching speed:          up to 10 m/s
  • max. UAV t.o. weight            up to 10 kg
  • on the field setup time          5 mins

Battery powered high efficiency compressor allows up to 15 launch before battery recharging.

All system can be easy disassembled and stored in a portable case.




Overall lengh (assembled)
260 cm
Footprint (assembled)
260x60 (3 feets)
Weight (catapult only)
14 kg
Total weight including case
28 kg
Case dimensions 143 x 41.5 x 29.5 [cm]
12 V, dry run
Onboard power
li-po, lead acid or powered from GCS
Air bottle charging time (1st launch, from 2nd launch)
2 mins, 1 min
Pressure control
electronic, with 0.1 batr steps