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UAV systems


The Pro S3 UAS family is ideally suited for remote sensing applications and any other missions where the usage of Small and Mini UAV is required thanks to their flexible operations, quick setup time and great portability.
Each UAV systems comes in different versions:
  • Wave Sight: standard and military
  • Octane: basic, advanced and pro (pro version can be configured for military applications)


Wave Sight (all versions) and Octane PRO, are based on the same guidance system featuring:

  • 150 mips RISC processor
  • Integrated IMU based on temperature compensated sensors
  • Fully integrated with 3-axis gyros/accelerometers, pressure altimeter, pressure airspeed sensors, all on a single circuit board
  • Integrated GPS receiver operating in DGPS mode also
  • Ultrasonic altimeter for automatic landing
  • Extensive data logging and telemetry
  • High number and different type of communication port available for real-time bi-directional telemetry and payload management
  • Several custom sensor supported (external IMU, laser altimeter, carrier phase GPS, etc)
  • Several type of day/night gimbal camera supported fully managed by the autopilot

This unique feature let the user to quickly gain the required level of skill for a wide range of operations:

  • VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) capabilities for mission where obstacles are limiting the conventional aircraft layout operations
  • Hovering capability when flying at fixed point is a keypoint
  • Long range/endurance when staying in the air is the main requirements
  • High payload capability and modularity: for specific application, when sensor custom installation is required or the same sensor is shared between the two platform.

 Every Pro S3 UAV platform is available as an integrated solution including: